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The current global crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly increased the demand for improved safety measures. The biggest challenge today is not just personal protection but also contamination of spaces and surfaces that are in direct contact with persons. As a solution to such challenges, we have tied up with Aerate- a subsidiary of Livpure, to introduce COVID-Protection-Project comprising of personal protection essentials ( manufactured using technology by NanoChemiqs), Surface coatings & Air treatment equipment. The personal protection essentials including face mask, jumpsuit and towel, are manufactured with nanotech embedded fibre, which effectively attracts, holds and physically destroys viruses and bacteria, thus, reducing the risk of infections. With life and business slowly getting back on track, safety and protection for everyone is a need of the hour. Emerging as a saviour in such need is nanotechnology transparent coating which can be applied to all frequently touched surfaces in all industrial, commercial and educational infrastructure system. Nano Coating of this type is non-toxic, non-allergic, non-cumulative and completely safe. It constantly neutralizes microorganism which cancels the need to do daily sterilization. Acting as a permanent sterilizer, once coated, it works for many months. Another challenge is to provide ambient air quality. In order to meet this challenge, Saife Vetmed in collaboration with Aerate, has come up with wide range of multistage air filters for home and office spaces. The Particulate HVAC assembly is a high efficiency filter co-fitted with a UV lamp for antiviral, antimicrobial and anti-finedust activity with an efficiency of 99.9%. Filters with filtration options of 0.3-10 micron are available, which offer non hazardous and environment friendly solutions. Amongst all the fear and stress around, COVID-Protection-Project helps to relieve stress and provide peace of mind while increasing efficiency.

Apr 2020

Saife Vetmed launched an online market place exclusively for poultry producers (egg and chicken). The platform was created by the company as a part of its initiative to strengthen hands of poultry producers who have been reeling under high input cost, low market prices and recently covid crisis. The digital platform, to be aggressively promoted to consumers by Saife's dedicated digital marketing team, has multiple features like location based search for nearby producers, display of product range with prices and shows delivery options & discounts. Adequate support has been provided to producers by creating a dashboard for posting daily rates of their products and advertisements. The company wishes to expand this platform across the country with as many producer registrations as possible. The entire platform is without any extra cost or fees to producers or consumers.

Moving beyond the phone calls and emails, EggNChicken4U endeavoured to create a face-to-face relationship with potential customers using vibrant roadshows in Delhi NCR. They gave uRead More...