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Product Range


Fortimas is a powerful liver booster which helps in providing protection and relief from liver disorders, regularizing liver functions, rejuvenating liver cells, improving liver detoxification besides boosting overall metabolism and digestion.
Fortimas has been specially formulated for poultry which contains excellent quality choline chloride in right ratio and is fortified with strong biological anti-oxidant enzyme complex along with Vitamin B6 & B12, Inositol Biotin.

Fortimas DP

Fortimas works as hepatic protectant and mycotoxin binder, which are the two integral parts of any poultry feed formulation. Fortimas DP enhances the functional efficiency of the liver cells and helps in combating mycotoxicosis. Fortimas DP contains Choline Chloride, CAEC (cellular antioxidant enzyme complex), Biotin, Inositol, Vitamin B6 & B12, MOS & potent Fungal Inhibitors in a Zeolite base. The comprehensive formulation of Fortimas DP provides double protection — effectively protects liver from different threats and prevents mycotoxicosis in an effective manner.


Pulsworum-45 is a different approach to improve eggshell quality in commercial and parent layers, which determines eggshell breakage & hatchability, specially post 45 weeks which may be because of various factors.
Pulsworum-45 reduces eggshell abnormalities, assures optimum eggshell strength, decreases eggshell breakage and increases hatchability by ensuring proper eggshell pore distribution & pore size.


Orego-Stim is a 100% natural feed additive containing essential oil. Oregostim functions as an anti-microbial by breaking down the proteins that bind the cell wall. It helps to prevent necrotic enteritis and assist in controlling coccidiosis by disrupting the life cycle of coccidia by increasing cell turn over in the intestinal wall. It is an excellent appetite enhancer and also shown to significantly increase intestinal enzyme activity.

A Product By Anpario , UK

Ecceren works on synergistic and broad-spectrum effect provided by a perfect blend of live and natural thermostable multi-strain Direct Fed Microbials (DFM) antimicrobial plant extract and Polyphenols . It provides excellent gut function modulatory action along with natural ‘AGP’ effect. The fortification of natural antimicrobial plant extract and DFM with Polyphenols. It provides protection to intestinal mucosa from harmful intruders by lowering gut related infections and controlling loose droppings leading to better digestion, improved growth & increased productivity.


Mentofin is a water-soluble concentrate based on a combination of natural essential oils of plant origin with saponins. It can be used safely and efficiently in all segments of poultry farming and provides the user with an outstanding & cost-effective aid for prevention and treatment of respiratory problems in their flocks. Mentofin is useful in overcoming post vaccination reactions, which are often observed with live vaccines for respiratory diseases. Mentofin is known to enhance antibody titres after vaccination.

A Product By Ewabo (Theseo)

Celmanax combines yeast culture, yeast extract, and hydrolyzed yeast into a single, convenient formulation that delivers multiple benefits for broilers, breeders & layers at all stages of growth. It delivers consistent levels of metabolites for reliable performance. Celmanax replaces yeast-based products in poultry diets that contains yeast Mannans and Glucans. Celmanax plays important role in intervention in Mycotoxicosis, at all stages of problems.

A Product By Arm & Hammer

Fly-End is a luminescent band with natural glue for catching adult flies. Besides being non- toxic and cost effective, its effect is long lasting. During the day, flies prefer warmth and light, but at night they move up to the ceiling together with the warm air. On their way up and down, they love to land on thin objects such as bands, strings, wires, cables, and so on. Fly- End exploits this behavior. Flies land naturally on the band and they remain stuck there. The flat adhesive band is hung along ceilings and walls. Fly-End bands should be used inside sheds and houses.

A Product of Saife Vetmed and Joint Venture, Switzerland

Diprosin-A-Plus is a novel concept conceived with an idea of combining Amino Acid derivatives, Anti-oxidant, Anti-stress element & Diuretic to provide relief from mortality due to Ascites and SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome). It also helps in lowering down rejection rate due to poor quality of carcass at the time of slaughter.


Diprosin-E-Plus provides simple approach to summer management in poultry. It works on the concept of assisted rehydration of body. Diprosin E-Plus contains-Salicylates to help in thermoregulaon, Electrolytes to replenish losses during heat & humidity, Betain to help maintain the gut mucous membrane during heat stress via its osmolytic properties, Vitamin C as an anti- stress element and finally serves as a potent energy source (water soluble formulation).


Diprosin-K-Plus is a simple approach that assists in poultry management, specially of breeders and commercial layers, to enhance their productivity by providing them relief from stress of debeaking and touching. Diprosin K-Plus helps in reducing beak inflammation, works as analgesic, has an-stress element (Vitamin C) and contains Vitamin K for supporting coagulation, thus proving an all-inclusive solution.


Saife Plus super is a rationale effort towards increasing the antibiotic efficacy by enhancing antibiotic penetration into the tissues. Besides anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-stress agents, it contains Serratiopeptidase, a miracle enzyme, which when given with antibiotics provides either additive or synergistic effect. It plays important role as an anti-inflammatory & proteolytic (removing mucus plug) during viral respiratory problems.


Ectolax helps to address the problems related to poultry ectoparasites (red mites & lice) which infest the flock leading to poor health, reduced growth, lowered production and leave the birds weakened & susceptible to other diseases. Ecotolax contains active compounds known to inhibit the activity of the ectoparasites and makes them off feed leading to the interruption of their life cycle. The active ingredients of Ectolax have proven repellent activity.

Early 3Cs

Early3Cs is an effective rehydration solution especially when chicks are transported over long distances. Early3Cs fulfills the need for water and electrolyte during chick transportation, thus preventing dehydration in the birds especially during summer. Early3Cs also provide essential vitamins. It has probiotics which helps in initial gut setting and thus inhibiting colonization of pathogenic bacteria. It can be easily prepared by adding water to the required dose of EarlyC3s powder and allowing it to stay for 10 minutes before transferring the gelatinous crystal to the chick box. The gelatinous crystals, formed after reconstitution of Early3Cs with water, are clinically tested for high water retention.


Vidfokal has been designed considering all the critical needs for better growth and high milk production and its sustenance over a long period of time.
Vidfokal fulfils the needs of Calcium & Phosphorous and provides micro & macro minerals for improved growth and production in dairy animals.
vidfokal is fortified with galactagogue herbs which help in milk let down and support optimum milk production.


Ecceren with its unique composition of & natural antimicrobial plant extract, yeast components, probiotics & polyphenols, is a comprehensive supplement for routine usage during production cycle as well as in problem intervention like gut infections, mycotoxins & diarrhea episodes.
The gut function modulatory properties help in effective digestion & assimilation of feed and improving FCR. Competive expulsion of harmful bacteria and increased colonization of beneficial bacteria makes it an unique tool for improving production in aquaculture.


RGOSTO is an essential oil-based formulation, having actives which are effective in controlling Argulus (Fish Lice) through pond & feed application. Rgosto inhibits the growth of parasites by preventing them from feeding & act as aromatic repellent. The use of Rgosto is thus effective in controlling ectoparasites in aquaculture specially Argulus and benefiting the farmers through resultant positive effect on production parameters

Edicorb- DS Oxy

Edicorb- DS Oxy is a formulation for pond preparation & water quality management. It contains Polyhexamethyl Biguanide (PHMB), Benzalkonium Chloride and Hydrogen Peroxide. PHMB is a safe chemical for disinfection with a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Hydrogen Peroxide is a chemical compound which augments the product's action by releasing oxygen. Benzalkonium Chloride is an an-microbial agent and secondarily used as a surfactant. It offers rapid, safe, powerful antimicrobial activity at low ppm. The combination of the three components effectively helps in cleaning the water from harmful micro-organisms and enriching oxygen in the water body.

A-Max aqua

A-Max aqua is a product from USA, produced with a proven strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for enhancing growth & productivity in every fish & shrimp farm. Amax can be used to enhance growth of pond micro-organisms by its application in water body. Amax yeast culture makes more nutrients available that promote good health by supporting digestive functions & enhancing the disease resistance capacity of fishes & shrimps.

A Product By ARM & HAMMER™

ECCE'SARAS promotes the growth & productivity of fishes & shrimps by providing selective probiotics for both soil & water that can enrich the pond environment. The unique composition of Ecce'saras helps in absorbing & neutralizing harmful gases like ammonia by maintaining the right cation-anion exchange ratio inside the pond through its contents of Zeolite & Ammonia reducer.


Fishrimuns is a herbal formulation fortified with highly bioavailable yeast metabolites, yeast culture & yeast extract. The herbs & yeast potentiate the immune functions of fishes and shrimps & help in fighting against diseases like WSSV, Vibriosis and others. Fishrimuns effectively helps in fighting production & pond stress, boosting immunity and thus helps in prevention of diseases in aquaculture. Fishrimuns is in a gel form giving excellent opportunity to use it on ready to use feeds, as it makes the actives stick to the feed for some me in water and ensures maximum availability to the fishes and shrimps.

Zeo saras

Zeo saras is a pond cleaner which contains Zeolite. Zeo'saras provides a non-toxic environment in the pond by absorbing all the toxic gases including ammonia with the help of right ion exchange ratio of zeolite.


Fishrimin is a mixture of macro and micro minerals required for Fish and Shrimp culture. Fishrimin provides extra source of nutritional elements for aquatic body. It meets the need of essential minerals that play a vital role in maintaining survival rate, well-being and growth rate in both freshwater and saline water systems of aquaculture ponds.


NOVA’DIP is an innovative concept, barrier type teat dip with sealant property, for preventing incidences of Mastitis post calving by its application after drying off and one week before calving. When used at drying off, it helps to form an impermeable film over the teats which prevents opportunistic microbes from gaining entry into the udder thus reducing incidences of Mastitis. It can also be used post antimicrobial administration during dry-cow therapy.


Novicure is an In-Situ gelling system incorporating antibiotics for intramammary administration. Novicure-DCT ensures controlled & sustained release of antibiotics which maintains MIC levels in the dry udder for up to 45 days, protecting against new intra-mammary infections during dry period. The formulation also provides sealant effect thus avoiding additional cost in terms of using separate sealant and antibiotic preparations.

OneVs TwoVs

OneVsTwoVs formulations are with a unique and distinctive approach for faster and uninterrupted wound healing. Upon spraying, One Vs followed by Two Vs spray, leads to formation of a film over the wound which protects it from all kinds of contaminations like microorganisms, dust, dirt, etc. Silver nanoparcles in the film ensure arrest of infection, if any, thus keep internal environment clean and infection free.


BU’ANTRAP is a Targeted Nano-particulate Buparvaquone for treatment of Theileriosis in domestic animals. With novel drug delivery system BU’ANTRAP is targeted to infection site i.e. RE system leading to maximum clearance of infection. This results in many-fold increase in efficacy, reduced dose and lowered toxicity. It can be used in prevention purposes due to its property to clear infection from RE system which is the site of latent infection. This can help in removing carriers from the herd.


Vidfokal has been designed considering all the critical needs for beer growth and high milk production and its sustenance over a long period of time. Vidfokal fulfils the needs of Calcium & Phosphorous and provides micro & macro minerals for improved growth and production in dairy animals. Vidfokal is fortified with galactagogue herbs which help in milk let down and support opmum milk production.

Tag n Trace

Tag n Trace is a QR (quick response) code based data management system for livestock which enables easy data recording, processing & traceability, operated with support of ear tags. It's a new generation technology with two-dimension QR code, that can be read with any android cell phone with camera. The code has got enough space to store permanent information of animal by connecting to dynamic information kept on the cloud server. It can be interfaced with herd management soware application for data entry. Tag-n-Trace has got excellent shelf-life error adjustment even if 30% code is damaged.

Poultrac Tag-a-shed

Saife Vetmed, India in collaboration with Vetware has launched a major initiative to digitalize poultry farms and connect it directly to the operational office for providing real time data in a processed form. The service is available for all classes of Poultry including Hatchery.